2020 Delivery

About this project

The Health Exchange is an invaluable library of information, sharing the insights of hundreds of professionals across public healthcare services.

For more than a decade 2020 Delivery has listened to and learned from conversations with hundreds of health care professionals, managers and patients. During these conversations, we have been struck by three consistent themes:

  • NHS staff are passionate about what they do in a way that no other industry or organisation can equal;

  • More than 1.3 million employees work for the NHS across nearly 100 disciplines. Excellent ideas to improve healthcare exist at every level of the NHS and across all disciplines, but the scale of the organisation makes them extremely difficult to find and implement;

  • Ideas are most successful when people share knowledge and collaborate across disciplines and organisations, but this sharing is largely reliant on personal networks or academic study.

This led us to devise the 2020 Delivery Health Exchange resource library. As we have built it, we have become further convinced of the need to share this knowledge.

The wish of NHS employees to change the healthcare service for the better has been evident in every one of the interviews we have conducted. People are eager to share their ideas with other NHS organisations, and enthusiastic about learning from other organisations and disciplines, and to break down the barriers that exist between them.

At 2020 Delivery we are proud to have been able to make a small contribution to sharing what’s great about the NHS.

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